About Waxtone

We distribute your music.

Who We Are.

Since its conception in 2015 Waxtone has helped 1000’s of labels get started in the digital music world, our team has over 20years experience in all areas of the music business and that puts us in the best position to help you get started. From concepts to full label branding we can help you establish yourself and many labels have said they would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for the help and advice they received from Waxtone.

Waxtone is a leading digital aggregator of audio content for Artists and Labels from around the world. We distribute music, albums and other audio and video content into the top digital music stores such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, eMusic, GooglePlay, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Napster, xBox Live and many more. Once albums begin appearing in the music stores and customers make purchases of the content, we then report the downloads and make payments to the artist or label. All submission and managing of albums and music is done via an label's Dashboard once a free account has been created.

The Technology

Utilizing the breathtaking power dashboard from our technological partner associated whit the technology behind Waxtone, we are able to deliver our Label's content to stores around the world at the fastest speeds possible.

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