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  • Free distribution to all stores.
    Innovative digital distribution and promotion technology integrated with several hundred digital music stores worldwide.
  • 150+ Partner Stores.
    Distribution to digital music services to guarantee higher revenues and quick and efficient digital distribution of your music.
  • 85% Royalties for Your Label.
    You get 85% of the incoming sales revenue. Your sales are updated daily and you can check Real Time Daily Sales.
  • Mastering Services.
    Our mastering service is created to solve problems of sound quality, for a small fee per track we will raise the quality of your music. More info, Contact Us.
  • YouTube Content ID monetization.
    Payment for every play, Monetize your music on YouTube and collect revenue on every video using your music.
  • Dashboard.
    Web platform in over 15 different languages.
  • Don't lose control.
    Waxtone gives you the tools and services to sell your music online, worldwide.
  • 24/7. Customer Support.
  • Play Dashboard in 15 Languages
  • Play Daily sales trends & Fully transparent reports
  • Play Music player promotion & Chart store monitor

Simple, intuitive and easy to use.

A powerfull digital web tool to manage your catalogue.
Check the backstage dashboard to see what's happening with your account globally or explore the full range of services that Waxtone provides.

With Waxtone, you have access to all your data, at any time. Us backstage dashboard provides full transparency with real-time updates, powerful reporting, and user-friendly analysis tools that make it easy to review and understand all your income streams, from digital sales to downloads, and streaming to Synch.

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Sell Your Music

Waxtone provides direct access to all the major worldwide digital service providers. Your label catalogue delivery to more than 150 digital stores and services, including all the leading ones from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport, eMusic, Shazam, Rdio, Deezer...

Music To Your Fans (Promotion)

Increases DJ interactions with your fans. The music player is a free and complete tool with which you'll be able to do your own promotion on the internet and optimize your sales. Our Music player is enabled for almost all social networks, websites and blog. Review which was the extent of his music, what stores your fans headed and which social network had more activity.

Collect Your Royalties

After receiving sales reports from stores We will send you a royalty statement at the end of every quarter for all of the royalties we have collected from the stores on your behalf.
Waxtone clearly show you what we collected in a detailed report track to track, what commission we have deducted and what we will be payed to you.


All In One

Sell your music. Create a Release. Add a new sublabels, Daily sales trends, Promotion, Back-catalogue compilation, Youtube monetization, Mastering and more... Everything you need for your label.
We provide digital delivery solutions, client support and all the tools to succeed in the new music industry environment.

Sell Your Music Globally

Waxtone distribute your music around the world, covering 240 countries and more than 150 digital stores. Waxtone can put the catalogue of your Label on the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world.

How Its work!

Very easy! Sign up on Waxtone, access our dashboard via login and upload your catalog to stores.

Your music in Beatport in 3 working days! (previous approval)

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