Waxtone Services For Labels

We offer many services to enhance your record label and maximize their potential within the market.

One of a Kind

Waxtone is the only independent aggregator that provides indie labels ‘Major Label’ resources.

  • Distribution, Here at Waxtone, we know the importance of digital distribution, acknowledging the importance of selling and marketing across all formats and superior supply chain management, we offer a service with a dedicated team and the best market price.
  • Marketing, With today's complex and ever-changing music landscape, our Marketing teams use Their expertise and relationships to help maximize sales and reach more fans.
  • Neighboring Rights, Collect all the royalties you are rightfully owed! We collect these royalties and add them to their statements.
  • Video Distribution, Our Video Distribution System allows creators to distribute their videos on all our partnered Video Platforms : YouTube, DailyMotion, JukeBo, Muzu.tv and MyVideo.
  • Accounting, Quarterly report in your platform account and send your royalties via PayPal, International Bank Transfer or Moneygram.
  • Youtube Monetization, YouTube Music Key help you get your music in front of over one billion people. You can now earn money on YouTube every time your music is streamed.
  • Mastering, Our mastering service is created to solve problems of sound quality, for a small fee per track we will raise the quality of your music with the work of our sound engineers in charge of you´re projects, more info see bellow.


Promote your music everywhere.

Promotion and marketing are an essential part of the music business; it can be the difference between a successful record and "just another track in a music store".

In addition to providing our labels with the best digital music distribution solutions, we also offer promotional services, supported by our network of selected partners and agencies.

Often send hundreds of emails is annoying for receiving and also is ineffective, we offer promotion everywhere (Web, blog, facebook, twitter, Google+ and more ...) with our Promotion service.

Mastering Services

Our mastering service is created to solve problems of sound quality, for a small fee per track we will raise the quality of your music. We believe non-automated, fully human mastering should be accessible to everyone. We can offer mastering at affordable pricing because of our experience and efficiency.

  • Send us your file.
  • These files will be downloaded directly from our engineer.
  • Our engineer takes 3 to 4 working days for each track.
  • Price, 15 Euro Per track.
  • Payment Via Paypal.
  • Discount for high number of tracks.
  • You must pay first in order for us to work on your file.
  • When the work is finished our engineer sends the mastered tracks in WAV format via secure server email.

More information about mastering service contact Us

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