Youtube Monetization

Promote your music in the most efficient way. Get your music known and recognised thanks to our tools specially thought to answer artists' needs

Monetize Your songs on Youtube

Maximise your YouTube earnings and improve content identification.
Whether your music is on YouTube legally or not, we can ensure it's found, identified as yours & monetized correctly. With our optional YouTube Management program we will control your ads and ensure you get paid all revenue which is rightfully yours.

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become the main search engine for music. With our monetization service, you can make money when your tracks are used on any video uploaded to YouTube. Just login to our backstage platform and select “video distribution” when submitting your songs to online music services. It’s as simple as that.

Distribute your music online worldwide, monetize your tracks used on videos and collect royalties.

- Collect money when your tracks are used anywhere on YouTube
- Select tracks you want to monetize with Content ID
- We submit the songs to YouTube for fingerprinting
- YouTube Content ID system identifies your recordings
- The revenue is deposited in your sales balance